Motorola G isn’t coming until January in India

Motorola G - Delayed release in India

Motorola G – Delayed release in India

For all the people out there in India, waiting eagerly for the release of the awesome budget phone Moto G in India,

Hold your horses!!!.

We’ve heard motorola replying to the eager buyers who wants to get their hands on the Moto G machine since it was announced way back in 2013, that it wll be launched in early January 2014.
But while everyone were done partying the new year week, seems Motorola was still on the hangover,  and forgot the most awaited release in India.

We’ve seen some people getting responses from Motorola social representatives and the responses went from saying “It will be release in early January” to “Will be released later this month”. And this makes us think that if a product couldn’t be released after few months of announcements, how can it be released in couple of days.

Anyway, we’ve received another tip from Motorola that predicts that the Moto G isn’t anywhere around the days, or weeks.
Below is a screenshot of an email received from the Motorola Sales department (India).

Motorola G release launch in India - Email from motorola customer care


What do you think, when will the product be actually launched?
Would it be worth waiting further for the device?