JSON tools & utilities

When you are playing with json data for your next php/js application, you might get frustated over analyzing the json data before parsing or rendering. Or at other times while using third-party apis, like youtube, twitter or instagram, the data may be so large to dive in and understand the nodes or levels.

There are some utility web tools that might help you ‘beautify’ the mess of json data and display it to you in a clean layout.

1. http://jsonviewer.stack.hu/
Its a simple json beautifier that displaus the data in a simple tree structure.

2. http://jsonmate.com
Json mate is pretty because it gives you a more beautiful layout of your data, and even helps you compress your large json data.

3. http://codebeautify.org/view/jsonviewer
ode Beautify

3. Not new, but firefox’s popular plugin ‘fire-php’ also allows you to see a structured version of your json data, or any other array.